My Lafferty Shelf

I took me a while because I had to be talked out of removing the books from the plastic. But here they are in their bookness doing what books do while they are not being read, talking amongst themselves waiting to be read. Actually I am fitting in stories from Does Anyone Else have Something Further to Add? at the end of my study day. I have read a number of them before, but that is no reason not to read them again, silly. And this time it will be from a themed book!


And yes, that is also a crucifix on the top shelf and on the bottom shelf a picture of the me (when I had hair… miss the hair sometimes…) and the missus from 23 years ago. Also on the bottom shelf is Thomas A Kempis’ My Imitation of Christ.

These things are not out of place on a Lafferty shelf.

There is some overlap in this collection. I have three Past Masters, two Aurelia, two Serpent’s Eggs and a few others. None of the real rarities overlap though.

I also have back East of Laughter which I had gifted to author John C. Wright a year or two ago. I regretted that because I grew to be such a Lafferty fan.

I’ve been thinking about starting a spin off blog from this one where I do commentaries on Lafferty stories. I am just not sure I can do the work justice (or pull off intelligence) given my present schedule.

For instance, last night after pumping in eight hours of study that took fourteen hours to finish (the day’s normal demands plus school demands = more time than you’ve got) I reread About a Secret Crocodile. There is something very representative in this story. It is Lafferty’s ability to perform modern surrealist (surrealist is sometimes too light a word, is it not?) fantasy with subtle and obvious humor while making poignant arguments or observations about our world and our time. About a Secret Crocodile is certainly that kind of story.

Of the surrealist element… I think if a film adaptation of one of Lafferty’s works were ever made, only animation (and creative animation at that) could do it justice. Perhaps the French could pull it off or Terry Gilliam…

I remember in my Randroid days we would find inexhaustible conversation time discussing who would play what part, or who would direct a film version of Atlas Shrugged. Suffice it to say we were all wrong when the hilariously bad adaptation did see the light of day! But I think that would be even more fun with Lafferty. Who could direct Fourth Mansions? What screenwriter could transfer that to an intelligible script? Most fans find it rough to penetrate.

What the hell was I talking about?

Anyway, I have to study. See? No justice to the material.

Just a few more months…

Have I not said that before?


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