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Animism on Netflix

I watched a documentary today on Netflix called Animism. Animism is the romantic attraction to inanimate objects. That is a layman’s definition as I know almost nothing about it and the DSM didn’t have it listed (at least not by the two names that I know it as). The documentary didn’t really clue me in on the “condition” either other than fill in what it was.

That was because the doc was in the usual fashion of the modern lens. They are just born that way and our job is to accept them as completely normal and not to make any judgement.

The truth there being that I can judge it to be a mental disorder without wishing you to the Gulag, jail or an eternity of hellfire.

One individual was romantically attracted to his car (no thanks, I don’t need a ride, I’ll walk). Another married a Ferris wheel- and then renewed her vows to him (Berry I think his name was). And a few of these individuals related stories of them trying to eh…consummate such feelings. They feel that these feelings are shared by the object, the the car or the Ferris wheel loves them back.

Which is all fine and well, I mean they’re not out raping babies or something. But this is still a Continue reading


In Perspective

Re: the preceding post about Madonna’s “film” anniversary.


I knew about Madonna’s film turning 25 before I knew about Mother Teresa’s canonization.

Freedom of the Skank

So the 25th anniversary of Madonna’s Truth or Dare is upon us. Yes, where does the time go? It seems only yesterday I was trying to wash the smell of that film from my mind.

As any person in the loony bin will tell ya, physical showers are powerless against psychic anguish.

She had this tidbit to say to some devotees at a museum she surprised them at.

So many freedoms we take for granted that we did not have then.

Yes, those dark times of 1991. It stirs the soul and causes one to really contemplate the large scales of time – 3 presidents back, Nirvana’s first album was a hit! The Star Wars prequels were still eight years in front of us! I remember me and the men of my family having to leave just before dawn, spears in hand, calling the call of the tomahawk, and praying to the spirit of the buffalo that we may find a home for our spears and bring forth a meal for our starving wives and kinfolk.

Give me a break, lady. You peddled some smut and people ate it up. That people in general, and women in particular, are more uncouth and loose than ever is only a nihilistic achievement. Meaning not an achievement.


Placemarker for, hopefully, Future Posts

As often happens when I am neck deep in schoolwork and I post that I will not be able to post, things come up that I really feel an urge to discuss.

One such is the Hugo award for short story going to Cat Pictures Please –┬áit is kind of hard to believe there isn’t a destructive element, a ruling element, out there when pieces like this are awarded as the best science fiction has to offer.

I hope to have more to say about it if I can later. Suffice it to say that if this is the best (or even the most popular) that science fiction has to offer now, science fiction is dead. Or at least in its death throes.

We merely have to determine if her death is from natural causes or homicide. I’m leaning towards murder.

Anyone remember the tale of The Emperor’s New Clothes – or You Better Not Let ol’ Joe Stalin See You Stop Applauding First? They raise the unexceptional (or even completely outside the category) and you are expected to clap. Applause and praise for the unworthy will identify you as in the group and your duties are dispatched to you. Silence will let you roam the room for a time – but there will come a time when ol’ Joe is eyeing you… To call the sham for what it is is to be branded as outside the group, and to be submitted to the hate, to be non-Fan.

Mr. I can’t finish my series Martin last year even prescribed personality traits that a TruFan should have. He thereby threw Harlan Ellison clear outside of “fandom”. Actually threw anyone out who hasn’t conformed to the New Rulers that took over almost completely about ten years ago.

My favorite author, R.A. Lafferty, saw these people coming decades ago. But no one wanted to listen to a crazy old Catholic man.

They’re here!

I thought this was supposed to be a future post? Ah, it got away from me.

The other is I’d like to explore (from a time that science fiction awarded – at least in the short story realm – excellence and not rambling blog posts of little worth as blog posts) the theme of science fiction’s oft-overlooked treasure.

Science fiction can boast as having within her history two of the best American short stories writers. Yes two. I have another favorite author as well (he comes in the top 5 at least). I can only think of one thing these two men had in common, and that was their command of the short story. Particularly the sleight of hand, the magician’s trick, the short story with the twist.

These two authors were R.A. Lafferty and Fredric Brown. If you have never heard of the first, welcome to my blog; if not the second, you will know him as the writer of the Star Trek episode Arena (and several Hitchcock hour episodes as well). If you do not know the Star Trek episode Arena – I’m sorry you ended up at the wrong website.

I’ve talked little of Fredric Brown here. While he was a master of the short story (and the unparalleled master of the short-short story) his work was usually not very deep, many times there wasn’t much beyond the gimmick. But they were mostly fun stories that were pleasurable in their own right and showed a deft skill of execution. Their lightness had a cause. Fredric Brown was actually a mystery writer (of which he is more famous for usually – see The Fabulous Clip Joint or The Screaming Mimi) who did science fiction on the side while he was idle on the mysteries.

Again, future reference.

No New Posts

Not that it matters too deeply (as my posts have been fluff for some time now) but I will probably be gone for a month or two. I am in the last part of my school called The Practicum and I should be cloistered (as I have been mostly for two weeks now) as I try to finish this, take my final, get certified, do an apprenticeship, and then hit the pavement looking for work.

I know, I didn’t know this line of work was so fucking convoluted.