Freedom of the Skank

So the 25th anniversary of Madonna’s Truth or Dare is upon us. Yes, where does the time go? It seems only yesterday I was trying to wash the smell of that film from my mind.

As any person in the loony bin will tell ya, physical showers are powerless against psychic anguish.

She had this tidbit to say to some devotees at a museum she surprised them at.

So many freedoms we take for granted that we did not have then.

Yes, those dark times of 1991. It stirs the soul and causes one to really contemplate the large scales of time – 3 presidents back, Nirvana’s first album was a hit! The Star Wars prequels were still eight years in front of us! I remember me and the men of my family having to leave just before dawn, spears in hand, calling the call of the tomahawk, and praying to the spirit of the buffalo that we may find a home for our spears and bring forth a meal for our starving wives and kinfolk.

Give me a break, lady. You peddled some smut and people ate it up. That people in general, and women in particular, are more uncouth and loose than ever is only a nihilistic achievement. Meaning not an achievement.



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