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Trying to Post a video


I Passed!

Hell yeah. I passed my finals with Honors. Man, that was a lot of work! Soon I will be able to get to all those Lafferty books I acquired in July!

I’m Scared


Hey, they ain’t white! But the media told me… Mmm, told me a lot of stuff…

Man, I’ve read that line about 4000 times today (I do not know why I even care to read other people’s opinions, I’ll have to make it a New Year’s resolution to stop doing so – or at least random thoughts of people I know nothing about).

What are you scared about? Do you think the Gestapo are going to knock on your door? What specifically are people afraid of?

About the only thing of specificity I’ve heard is the vague notion that we will lose the ground we’ve gained.

About half of us do not think the events of recent history are a gain. Just because it bears the name “Progressive” does not ipso facto mean it is forward movement.

I read somewhere a girl I know lamenting how she was to bring up her still unborn girl into this world (that apparently changed overnight) now that Trump is to be president. So, the world of just yesterday was acceptable, but today’s (less than 24 hours later) is not?

Now I am not saying that Trump will make any change at all – that remains to be seen. But just yesterday was a world where they train school children how to react when a madman storms in pumping bullets into little children. Because, you know, it happens not infrequently now.

That beautiful yesterday of race riots?

The beautiful yesterday that saw the “losers” take to the streets to riot?

Your yesterday was shit. And people are devastated and afraid because we are not going to be trying the same old formula for the same old results (again – results of Trump presidency still an open possibility)?

Are you afraid of the supposed Hate? You mean like all the liberals who took to Twitter with death threats to Trump? Burning the American flag? Rioting?

Go to your dictionary, or your DSM-V-TR, and look up Projection.

I’ve read people saying yesterday’s election was an expression of hate and stupidity. You see, what would make me afraid is a huge block of people unable to understand anything that is not projection and psychologizing. Unable to understand issues and what could actually drive people. Much easier to smear half your fellow countrymen, almost all of whom you will never know or meet, as “haters” and stupid.

I’ve lived in the liberal Seattle area long enough to know how it works. The little clusters of big cities are filled with people who look down upon the rest of the population with contempt. They look upon the midwest with contempt. Most of them characterize any non-agreement with their worldview and individual judgements as due to – best case stupidity, worse malice.

Let’s not speak of hate. There is plenty to go around. I think most progressives are too hip to know about the mote to be able to see it in their own eye.

Like this picture of Clinton supporters burning the American flag in Portland (also a highly progressive town)


this picture does not offend half the population. I’d say it fills a great many of them with pleasure.

This generation hasn’t the intellectual tools or training (thanks to our education system) to figure out what is happening before their eyes. They only know the emotion that something evokes and they know spontaneous action (sort of like Trump’s mouth!). Something is either null (meh) AMAZING! or HITLER! There is no deeper well to their epistemology.

So they project feeling.

Stop pretending, stop play acting.

What are you scared of? Tell me.