Death and Life in the Tenth Century


The 900’s what an obscure century! But what an interesting one! I’ve been slowly going through this over the last month or two in between coding mayhem. You have Charles the Fat, the Ottos, the East versus the West, Church versus King/Emperor, dastardly deeds both secular and religious. It includes the arts and drama of the time, the learning, the wars and conflicts.

Unfortunately, having started this I realize my knowledge of the century preceding the 10th is pretty bad as well. I think 600AD to 1100AD is pretty dark for most people. But, I don’t think it is so dark as under appreciated.

Good book. I just wished they had the energy to think up more than 4 names per sex – Charles, Charles, Charles, Otto, Otto, Otto, Matilda, Matilda, Matilda… in a few years the English will introduce Edward, Edward, Edward!


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