I know I said in my last post that I wasn’t spending any time on the man. But then he deleted my only comment I ever left on his site (on a post ironically titled “On the Matter of Empathy For Horrible People”). Cool! He is pretty well known for that. It’s like being insulted by Alec Baldwin or something. You know his shitty personality will come out at the slightest provocation.

I remember I used to get in bear-claw slashing arguments with John C. Wright years ago. I’d even provoke him and brag with a swagger that I really knew how to get his beard in a lather and such and so on. But never once did the man delete a comment of mine. He even had an avowed Satanist trolling for awhile there bragging about the coming Ubermensch, not one comment deleted. Mr. Wright has an actual list of what is not tolerated on his site. Mr. Scalzi’s, it is clear, is his whim and disagreeing with him.

My comment got deleted because I brought up Samuel Delany and George Takei in relation to the whole Milo Yiannopoulos fake controversy. He claimed it was because I started my comment with “Who cares?” Which would be a valid reason if that was all there was. And if it had been followed by “VIEWS APPROVED BY GATE-MASTER SCALZI” it would have stood even if I had started it with – EXPLICATIVE FOLLOWS – “Who gives a goddamned fucking shit, dude?” All that would be required is APPROVED THOUGHTS. That is why that place seemed like such a butt sniffing echo-chamber.

I really dislike him personally. What a piece of shit. And I say that even though deleting my comment brought me glee.

I’ll go back to talking about real writers from now on, like Lafferty.


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