If You Saw the Last Post…

I had a rather long rant against John Scalzi, a person I find extremely distasteful. If you read it, good for you, I retract nothing you read. However, I do not want it to stand as a record of the man occupying any of my mind or life, so I did remove the post. He already has the distinction of being the only writer I refuse to read based on his personality and views. Although I pulled the post, let me be clear, I believe the man a worm, a PC, Leftist ThoughtPolice, Moloch-worshipping, death-cult, worm.

I do not inquire into the views or personalities of writers or musicians or actors (nor their political opinions or whether they like split pea soup or the fragrance of their farts) however, I did discover his without ever reading him.

And based on that, I never shall. But fear not writers, that was a special circumstance. For the time being my policy is to steer clear of the person behind the performance. That, however, is subject to review given the current climate and absolute unwinding of the Left and their attempted takeover of all.


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