The Christian online (online?) magazine FIRST THINGS, talks PAST MASTER, and DEAD LADY OF CLOWN TOWN, MANSIONS IN SPACE, and a few others.

Hey, they got the essential theme right!


5 thoughts on “FIRST THINGS talks PAST MASTER

  1. This may not be the best place to put this, but I’ve been getting desperate so here goes.
    To preface: I’ve recently obtained a copy of Past Master (’68 Ace Book if that makes a difference). Most copies online have been prohibitively expensive, but my dad happened upon a copy in used bookstore and jumped on it. Unfortunately the last page is torn, and I hoped that you would be kind enough to send me a photocopy of the last few pages. I know it is somewhat egregious for me, a total stranger in blogland, to ask a favor of you, but you’re one of the few bloggers I know of who’s a fan of Lafferty and has a copy of Past Master. I haven’t started reading it yet or anything and I don’t want you to feel rushed.

    1. I don’t know why you think Past Master is prohibitively expensive. Checking, just now, there are copies for as little as $13 on Amazon and as little as $11 on eBay. Since this is so easy to find out, you’ll have to pardon my suspicion as to why you would ask me to photocopy copyrighted material to you. Regardless, the prices are not anywhere near prohibitive. Perhaps if you were seeking Tales of Midnight, but Past Master is readily and cheaply available. Happy reading.

  2. Thank you for the reply. It may be my region/shipping that was confusing me, or I’m an idiot and was looking at the hardback since, there it is, on Amazon; a whopping 10$. Won’t use eBay.
    As to the rest, fair enough. Since I’m here though, any other favorites? I’d like to get a set of short stories (I think it was Strange Doings I had my eye on).

    1. Asking a Lafferty fan about favorites will get you an anything answer. All of the old paperback collections are good, and can still be found rather inexpensively. As for novels, Fourth Mansions. Okla Hannali (sp? On phone away from desk). Reefs of the Earth was a good romp although what it was really all about I can’t say.

      That should keep ya reading. Have fun! If you have trouble following some of what he writes, try reading it backwards, or in different states of consciousness, or upside down.

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