Man, in some ways I really hate writing. On Sunday I decided that I would start something fresh and let my other stuff lie where they will until they call for me. I was fidgeting with some of my projects here and there but nothing new was coming off of it.

So I decided that I would start something new, and, since I was reading a ton of fantasy at the moment, it would be fantastic… with a little horror thrown in as I am not a big sword and sorcery guy. I prefer fantasy that is more weird and ghostly.

Another thing I hate is these sorts of posts where I have to say “I” all the time!

So I sat and nothing. Monday – nothing. Tuesday – nothing. Today – nothing.

It is hard to explain to someone who has never experienced it. It is not as if there is not the world in front of you, but that you become blind to it. The mind seems to keep polishing its own empty bowl of void and you cannot get it to let something in.

So, today I had my Scrivener open and I just started doodling, but it just started being another doodle of distress…Idea! Come on! Something just a kernel!

I just decided not to pursue something I went to school two years for so I could sit here and suffer in front of the dreaded white nothing?!?!!? I had better convert to Catholicism quick, I have a lot of suffering in store for me!

So, I am sitting there and then I see something next to my printer a few feet away. It is a picture of my sister and I from one of our two trips to Jamaica in ’78 and ’79. Jamaica? Wasn’t there a famous haunted house on a hill there, haunted by some voodoo witch or something like that? Who cares! Enough for me! Ah, and there are the endless banana groves that create a canopy down the river that we rafted on.

Then the race is on, but a little less time on the voided crucifix would be nice!



  • taichiwawa

    Just a suggestion: write a description of the house. Attic? Basement? What does it smell like? Noises? I bet the floors sag in places and creak when you walk on them — and sometimes all by themselves. The full description may not make it into your working draft but it may spark some story lines and generally get you into the world you’re creating.

    • bensira587

      Oh, I am not even sure if I am following the house line. There is the whole tale of Annie Palmer and her disposal of husbands and slave lovers at Rose Hall (the place I actually remember seeing). There is also the Jamaican Duppy folklore.

      I am also tossing around what Dan Simmons used in his excellent Song of Kali. It used basically the fish out of the water approach for its horror element – an American writer seeking out a mysterious missing poet in the slums of Calcutta.

      But if I do the house (it is called Rose Hall) – fuck it – another idea (now I’m just stealing from other authors) Song of Kali mixed with Stephen King’s The Shining.

      I suppose every horror story is a fish out of the water story.

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