2017 Hugo Award Finalists

TOR has up the list of 2017 Hugo finalists. Stranger Things is definitely my choice in the Best Dramatic Presentation category. Good storytelling, classic style science fiction, little 80’s injection and a little X-Files. What’s not to love?

The boldest entry by far is ALIEN STRIPPER BONED FROM BEHIND BY THE T-REX by Stix Hiscock.

I need a screen guard for my computer as I had a mouthful of coffee when I was reading this list and came to this title. This is much more brave and daring than last year’s SPACE RAPTOR BUTT INVASION by Dr. CHUCK TINGLE.

It is further play upon the Hugo nomination (and win? I can’t remember) of IF YOU WERE A DINOSAUR, MY LOVE by Rachel somebody or other a few years ago. A nomination (or win? can’t remember) that was wholly undeserved. By its nomination practically anything qualified to be nominated. And ALIEN STRIPPER BONED FROM BEHIND BY THE T-REX by Stix Hiscock is living proof!

I fear that by next year IF YOU WERE A DINOSAUR, MY LOVE by Rachel Swirsky will be too far in the past and a newer title should be played upon. I personally like my idea of playing on John Scalzi’s newest, THE COLLAPSING EMPIRE. Mine would be THE COLLAPSING COLON by PETER POLYP.

However, I have no idea of the quality of Scalzi’s novel, so I can’t in justice mock it.

Comment #15 in the comments section below on the TOR finalist link shows just what is wrong with a vast number of people in the field. I’ll reproduce the comment below.

Just realized:

Best Novel – One male, one transgender, and four female authors. That’s impressive!

Why is that impressive? According to this person the goal of the Hugo award is not to represent the best that the field has to offer in a single year, but the widest cross-section of possible “genders” “sexual orientations” and races.


That sentiment is a sweltering heap of shit. I personally don’t care if every single nominee every single year was a regular at a San Fransisco bathhouse as long as the stories were the best stories out there. As an honest patron of all things science fiction and fantasy (and of anything else for that matter) I don’t care two donkey shitz about the author I read. I don’t care if you are male, female, gay, have an attraction to used jogger’s socks. I care about the story. If that resulted in year after year of all white males winning, so be it. If it resulted in all black females winning year after year, so be it. To actually know whether an author I am reading was once a man and is now a woman, is a level of detail that I am likely not to find out on my own.

That comment above is a declaration that the person is not interested in science fiction or fantasy, but in political ends. That person is not interested in the best story. What is impressive about one male, one transgender, and four female authors? What is inherent in that in relation to the quality of the stories? Can I judge, at all, the quality of the works from this sort of consensus line-up? What if they were all white males?

No! This is pure drivel. These are the same biased douchebags that get all in a snit if there are too many white males (or just males) in a category. How do you know that is a bad thing? Since there is no correlation between the sex of the author, orientation of the author, or the race of the author and the quality of a work, then it is simply racism, sexism, orientationalism, transgenderism – i.e., biased political correctness.


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