New Acquisition

I’ve become kind of fascinated with the resurrection subject. Seems the most in-depth book I could come across is NT Wright’s Resurrection of the Son of God (it’s a nice 740 pages in length as well!). Of course I should seek a case for the prosecution as well. Having a hard time pinning one of those down. And I have a hard time pinning down mature books on either side of the aisle. Seems all too frequent either one is written with the ease expected of an audience that is already on one side of the argument or the other.

Now a few years ago it would have been unthinkable for me to become interested in such a subject. But since I indulged in a philosophy for years from a woman who claimed to have come up with it in her first memory of herself…well, what’s a little resurrection?


2 thoughts on “New Acquisition

  1. Might be of interest:

    The lectures approach the New Testament from a literary and historical perspective rather than a theological one. The teacher notes that the King James and Douay-Rheims versions are not recommended due to their translation errors. He suggests using the Oxford version because of its extensive annotations.

    (I personally prefer the KJV because of its Shakespearean resonance.)

    1. I took that class several years ago… in the car… which means I took no notes… which means I remember little of it.

      I prefer the KJV for the same reason. As for translation errors, I would have to see what he means by translation errors. I have nothing but suspicion when it comes to such comments from professors.

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