Zagg Nugent and the Perils of the Multiverse

I was in the first flutters of sleep last night when this phrase ran through my head like an old movie film banner. As usually I told myself I would remember it in the morning. Somehow, this time, I did.


5 thoughts on “Zagg Nugent and the Perils of the Multiverse

    1. I had a hard time slogging through Star Maker, I seem to remember quite a bit of “red” themes in there. But it did have the virtues described in the article – pretty far ahead of its time. I don’t think film science fiction approached it until the very end of the second Men in Black movie. Film science fiction has always been decades and decades behind written science fiction.

      Someone left a comment at the bottom of the article that says:

      You seriously believe that literature, or literary criticism, or whatever, influenced the development of quantum mechanics?


      While ignoring the usual trollish behavior of derision without argument, and the fact that the article did not seek to prove that sort of connection, my thought was this:

      And why not?

      Why cannot the lofty imagination get to a place first that science has to crawl to? I mean in some respects that is the essence of a hypothesis in the first place! Which is an essential part of science.

      Science for many science worshippers seems to exist in a fantasy characterization. They should read some biographies of some scientists, especially the big guys, it would break their little hearts to find out how much pure imagination played in their genius.

  1. A central problem of intellectual history is attempting to identify the relationships among ideas which produce material artifacts (scientific / technological advances, works of art, political developments, etc.). Are ideas separate, influentially unidirectional, or co-influential? The answer is obviously a combination of the three. Part of thinking involves making analogies and the prevailing culture has a significant impact on what analogies come to mind.

    A contemporary issue is that quantum mechanics defies traditional conceptual frameworks. This is a fracturing of the unity we had comfortably assumed about the cosmos. Personally, I’m not convinced a multiverse model is the answer.

    1. I’m nowhere near convinced at all the multiverse is the answer. I am not even convinced of quantum mechanics being an answer. In this area of science a new model can be forth coming at any time.

      Of course that begs the question: answer to what?

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