New Acquisitions

Someone please stop me!!

First pick-up was:

I love C.S. Lewis’s work in general and his theological work in particular (although do I prefer Chesterton over Lewis? hmmm). And how can I pass up a book that contains an essay titled “Fern Seeds and Elephants.”

Second Pic was:

This is from 1954 and is pre-Vatican Two. It has some lovely (and some rather homely) art in it and a wealth of information on many things Catholic: stations of the cross, extreme unction, baptism, the thingamabobs that make up a priests “uniform”, etc, etc.

In the Missal (a thing I still find hard to penetrate conceptually) they give you the years 1954 thru 1972 instead of using a generic system by which you identity which of the possible fourteen calendars you are in for any possible year, say 2017? Can you imagine someone throwing this set out and getting a new one in 1973 because they ran out of years?

Ah, and the smell of the set. That old book smell. I don’t know what it is. Do books that come out now end up with that smell? Is it the ink? This is a closed box set so the aging of the pages and ink and binding is somewhat preserved in a hermetical atmosphere and the tones are that much more sweet. You can’t get that out of a digital book. And they will always be at a loss for it.

But it proves a nice thing to begin the day looking them over.

But as it is I am four weeks into N.T. Wright’s The Resurrection of the Son of God and I am only on page 67. My reading slows to an absolute crawl during allergy season and my waking hours are usually less than sleeping hours.

Of course a crawl is about 200 pages a week, but it has been all fiction as I can’t attain the level of focus required for Wright’s subject at this time. I hope the Cottonwood clears up by next week.

Interestingly, my wife has just recently started to suffer from seasonal allergies and she is hating it. “This is what you have been living under all these years?! I feel as if I’m having a stroke!”

Yeah, love, it sucks big time.


4 thoughts on “New Acquisitions

    1. Alas, it turns out not to be allergies after all this time. I woke up Sunday morning to a giant bulge directly below and behind the right ear at the neck. I also had a stone dry mouth for several day prior.

      The bulge slowly disappeared as the day progressed and seems to have been the result of a general sinus/salivary/lymph infection. I think it was brought on by my switch in Listerine from the regular to a “stain removal” variant that contained hydrogen peroxide. That shit dried out my mouth terribly. Spit, of course, helps prevent infections among many other things. I was a walking germ factory.

      The bright side is that bulge scared the living shit out of me enough I haven’t thought about a cigarette or anything else since then! Of course if it had been something serious, like a tumor, I would have been dead by 7pm that evening.

  1. “seems…think” Don’t gamble. My younger brother developed a lump on the side of his neck in the summer of 2015 but didn’t see a doctor until September. By that time the cancer had metastasized. He died four months later.

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