NaNo Day 27

I did 3388 words today. Total now is 46,689.

I will have to fall deathly ill not to reach 50,000 now.

Problem is I already finished the story!

Perhaps I could change the title to The Six Deaths of Horace Gumble and add an additional death. Or The Many Deaths of Horace Gumble.

Whatever. I will spend the next couple of days putting some stuffing into this turkey.

And a turkey it is! I had to totally fake the resolution of the story by firing all kinds of gins that were not revealed in the first act. Well, not that bad. But it is like someone writing a mystery story who forgot to leave the clues by which the detective solves the crime and so uses whatever incidentals were already there as if they gave an indication of the culprit.

It was a sort of mystery (although I had no idea it was until nearly the end). It was up to Horace, when he started to gain memory of his past lives, to put together the pieces that would resolve his endless loop of deaths at the hands of the demon.

The whole process of writing something this long was so overwhelming and mentally over my comfort level I think my hind brain was feeding me ideas my fore brain couldn’t recognize. The longest story I wrote before this was maybe ten pages in length.

Actually one of the means of story resolution here had some legitimacy, there was some foundation for it established in a part o the book. The other means of resolution I pulled straight out of my butt (pardon the expression but it fits) it is completely unfounded in the rules as I set them up in the book.

I say – so what? I can change that. At least I see it. I can’t count how many stories I’ve read, or movies and shows I’ve watched where this is blatantly perpetrated by so-called professional writers. And, apparently, no one from writer(s) producers, editors, actors, and even legions of fans seem to notice or care.

I give myself a pass. Hell. I literally didn’t know what was going to happen next until it was coming out of my fingers. I counted it as a good day if I knew the next few actions let alone the next paragraph.


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