North Carolina, Son

I am moving to the beautiful state of North Carolina at the end of the month!


4 thoughts on “North Carolina, Son

  1. Some things you’ll find there that are different:

    Spanish moss; humidity; big, noisy bugs; hush puppies (food); drawled speech; Southern hospitality (people you don’t know treating you — most with no ulterior motive — like an old friend); general politeness; kudzu; okra; lightning storms and lightning bugs (did I mention bugs?) and real, gullywasher rain; slower pace; Piggly Wiggly; Brunswick stew…

    Where you’ll be is still several hundred miles from the ocean, but if you go to one of the beach towns in North or South Carolina, you’ll find you can actually go in the water because the nearby Gulf Stream keeps it warm.

    1. Finally made it to my site.

      I know about the Piggly Wiggly and some of the other stuff. The hospitality is something that will take a while to get used to. I have to wave at most everyone that passes me on the road and have had at least four, random conversations of more than normal length in the supermarket or, even, the DMV.

      In general I find that aspect nice, although small talk I find quite torturous. That said, Bo and Luke Duke certainly reside here as well!

      1. I should think that with your work experience you’d be a natural at engaging in conversations with strangers.

        1. Wow, I am really in the dark zone for internet. I just found this! Usually I get an e-mail, but who knows where that is.

          As per conversations with strangers. I can do it and it is easier with pay. The Spot though was like my home, like a tv show, and I was the longest surviving cast member. I always felt the high ground there even if I, in reality, was in a servile state.

          Small talk in general is really really painful. If your topic of conversation over the years had been house paint instead of literature or philosophy (and other topics) 1. you’d never know 2. that each response elicited from me was complete torture.

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