Another New Acquisition

This is a (as close as I have been able to get, however, all evidence says I am spot on) 1957 Remington Quiet-Rite manual typewriter. The wife and I were at an antique store – Sidebar: western North Carolina is sick with antique shops and swap meets (but more antique shops), if antiquing is your thing, this is your place – and came across this for $42. I didn’t buy it right then but went home with the intent to buy something better later on (see previous post). I was on ebay and discovered that that typewriter usually sells for double that and in worse shape, usually, than the one I had just passed up. So we went back down later in the day and the booth it was in earlier was 50% off everything, so I got it for $21.

It is in decent condition:

The pictures don’t really show the condition of the casing, it is rather discolored and soiled. The type bar, type guide (the under stuff) and the platen, all appear to be in good working order. Nothing is too gummy or too dried. There is some corrosion and some dust and oil build-up as is natural for something this old. But overall it is in remarkably good condition.

The case isn’t. It smells atrocious and is cracked on one side. The case is made of wood with a (what once was) a felt(?) interior, and I think the outside is leather – maybe.

The typewriter itself stinks to high heaven. Someone went straight into a casket smoking at this thing. The quiet type typewriters (Royal had a Quiet Deluxe, Smith-Corona the Silent Super, etc) usually had the body panels and cover (the part over the type keys) lined with felt or some other noise-reducing material on the inside. I think it is this that absorbed most of the smell, and, I think, a little mildew. But it is hard to tell over the smell of cigarette.

The typewriter ribbon is rather dry as I don’t believe this typewriter has seen use since at least the Carter administration. It leaves light character marks on the paper but needs replacing. However, it is one of those old nylon type ribbons used on Remington and Underwood typewriters. So I got myself some black stamp ink and am going to attempt to re-ink the ribbon myself. I have some modern equivalents on the way that a customer on Amazon assures everyone who will listen that they work on her mother’s Remington Quiet-Riter.

I got me some toothbrushes and baking soda for cleaning up the body. I will look into replacing the sound-proofing on the inside later. I got a screwdriver set for intricate work. Got some mineral spirits for breaking up gunk, and some machine oil on the way. A site recommended dryer sheets like Bounce for cleaning up debris and deposits on the inside of the typewriter.

This Saturday my Smith-Corona Electra is supposed to arrive. That should be fun. I already watched a video about its drive belts. I completely forgot those things had little motors in them. I mean I was a little kid the last time I saw one. I worry about the motor though. If that blows, is there an equivalent out there? Or do I have to scrap for parts? Not a commonly asked question as I am on my third Google page with no answers yet.


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