New Acquisition

I’ve always to make a good study into proper pronunciation and grammar, but never started. I found the above at an antique shop in Franklin, NC when we first arrived in March. Just pulled it out of storage/packing today.

Learned something on the first lesson. I have always mispronounced err. Instead of like the urr in purr, I’ve always pronounced it it as err in error.

The book predates the second world war (early thirties) so it should be free of modernisms mostly.

As always you have to, if you want to remain unstained, avoid the falling of civilization’s curtain in the late sixties.

CATHOLICISM by Bishop Barron

Today starts the free viewing of Bishop Barron’s CATHOLICISM series. One episode a day for the next ten days for free. I have seen clips and he takes you around the world showing various aspects of the Catholic faith in action, in building, in beauty – and maybe other things, but I’ve only seen clips.

The only other thing I know about it is it pissed a lot of PBS viewers off when some episodes showed several years ago. It would be like Darth Vader showing a documentary series on the life of Emperor Palpatine!

Anyway, I will be enjoying it!