Still no Time

Man, owning a house is literally sucking all my free time away. I was doing sixty hour work weeks for about four weeks. And now we are trying to get rid of all the decades old wallpaper in the house. I can go several days without even the time to pick up a book let alone even thinking about writing.

I was shocked to see it has been two months since I have even been here.

I am slowing making my way through two books at the moment.

Yes, I am sure everyone is excited about that one. I am enjoying it. It used to be a high school text. They wouldn’t make it into the first chapter now. “Arguments for the existence of God?!?!?” But… but…. but SCIENCE!”

The other book I am smashing through during my lunch break at work.

Outside of that it is work and house work. I hope to make it back here at some point sooner than I did last.

If there is anyone who still drops by. I wouldn’t

1 thought on “Still no Time

  1. Look like great books. Been 4.5 years since I stopped by!!! Left a comment on a thread here that old, too. SMM and also, Shocked Trad.

    Hope NC is treating you well. Issaquah is a beautiful place, but Western WA is getting to be crazy.

    Always glad to see your comments on Mr. Wright’s blog.

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