Another Medieval Acquisition

Got this for my birthday a couple weeks ago. I have a growing collection of books from this era. I have become more and more interested in the middle ages because most of the things you hear about the era are wrong. Especially in regards to Church history, but in most other areas as well. The nature and causes of feudalism, the so-called ignorance, technological stagnation, most of it is wrong.

Was it the almost out of control flurry of technological progress that we see today? No. But one has to wonder if what we have today would be possible without what went on before. And it was not stagnation. Especially not the High Middle Ages that saw the start of the universities, the architectural advances as evidenced in the cathedrals, the development of distinct European languages and on and on.

Wife just woke up. I’ll try to finish this latter. To leave a note by saying that I really became interested in finding out the truth about things when I came across a man who is considered (by some) the father of international law Bartolomé de las Casas.

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