What’s This Idiot Reading Now?

Well I just finished,

Gobbled that one down in five days. As good as the movie was, the book was far better. The elder priest’s story (played by Man von Sydow) was more fleshed out in the book and you got a sense of a saintly sort of man and a scholar. In the movie they try to convey that he was a scholar by dialogue but it is not the same. Also the demon and the elderly priest knew each other before the exorcism, that wasn’t conveyed as well in the movie.

There is also dialogue in the book that draws its theme that is not in the movie. I was struck reading the book how orthodox it was, the movie is not given that wide of a scope to do so. The movie does however, portray the Christus Victor in action, but I felt it was more from simple rage than how the book depicted it.

Good read!

Next, A Catholic Introduction to the Bible: The Old Testament

One may wonder by what right I claim no time for NaNo when diving into 1000+ page books. Good question, no answer! Also it is an introduction, but it is over a thousand pages. Yikes!

I also finished reading a few weeks ago Donna Tartt’s THE SECRET HISTORY

I am still in the middle of Triumph: The Power and the Glory of the Catholic Church

I have such a problem with the minutiae of history. I get completely lost in all the Edwards, the Ottos, the Henrys, the Louises(sp?). And that is just the kings and the emperors. There are all the popes, Innocent, Pius, John, et all. The only sure foot I have on any one part of after the 8th century is the reign of Henry VIII. Maybe that is because I watched the series The Tudor as well as reading about the time several times. Maybe because More is a fascinating person. I don’t know. Maybe it is because I have read about that time in isolation whereas the others have always been read as parts of a world history.

Also the reign of Henry VIII is the stuff of sensationalism. I mean what a man-whore.

RCIA chugs along. We did two weeks of church history. It was rambling, but, hey, you try to get two thousand years of church history into four hours! The second week only me and one other person showed up for it. What the hell? Yes, the guy probably should have not gone into nominalism for ten minutes as people glazed over and thought about their laundry. But I loved it! Nominalism? Let’s talk!

I am willing to bet some of them were groaning “ug! I just want to show up on Sunday. what is all this philosophy stuff! and history! and sacraments! and stuff!” Wait until they find out you’re not justified by faith alone. What?! But I can go down the street, get justified, throw a nickel in the collection plate, be out at nine on Sunday, and be raising hell and treating my fellow man like shit for six whole days!

[I don’t say this about anyone in particular, nor anyone in my RCIA class, I know them not. Although they do seem bored out of their minds a lot of the time. One guy even checks his phone right on the table while the instructor is talking.]

Granted, the protestant churches (and the generics and the bizarres) will let you simply come and you are full on from the get go. I like the Catholic Church puts people through the paces. Hey, we want you to know what this is all about so you can be informed and make an informed decision. Then again, I view the Protestant churches as heretical and their existence as a historical stain.

Wife is up, gotta go!

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