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  1. I recently discovered your blog, and I’ve read a shameful amount of it. It’s strange that we have such similar taste in literature (Lafferty, Fredric Brown,Chesterton) considering what I believe is a 15 to 20 year age gap. Anyway, I was wondering if you were still willing to sell one of your copies of Volumes 1 or 2 of the Collected Stories of R.A Lafferty by Centipede Press. I have volumes 3&4 but it’s now become very difficult to find the first two. I also wanted to say that your Lafferty collection is astounding! I’m both impressed and jealous. So if you’re interested in helping a young Lafferty reader out, I would be extremely grateful.

    -Steven McDonald


    1. Mr. McDonald

      Thank you for reading my blog and I agree you have read a shameful amount of it. Most of my posts are crimes against grammar, common sense and taste!

      I am glad we have similar tastes although I don’t think taste knows age. Curiously, I run into Lafferty and Chesterton fans all the time (probably because of my Catholic leanings…), but it is rare, and a treat, to find a Fredric Brown fan. Very underrated author!

      I regret very much that I no longer possess extra copies of those two books. I gave them to an author friend of mine last year. Those two are almost impossible to find under $500. However, if you are willing to look you can find much of the same work in his short story collections (Nine-Hundred Grandmothers, Does Anyone Else Have Something Further to Add?, Ringing Changes, and Strange Doings). Also ‘Golden Gate and Other Stories’ and Through elegant Eyes (these last two can be a little pricey but the artwork with the stories are well worth the price. These is also the fan magazine FEAST OF LAUGHTER which usually includes a story of his, and, last time, if memory serves, a previously unpublished Lafferty. There will be overlap of course. Try eBay and other sources not just Amazon.

      The number of available copies of his books has gone considerable in the last several years, so I wouldn’t wait. I also wouldn’t wait for Centipede Press or other publishing possibilities. Outside of England I don’t think they are coming. And Centipede Press seems to be rather lethargic with their releases, as if they regret having taken on the project.

      Good luck on your searching!

      Robert Wizard

      1. Thank you, it’s funny I was just reading the post about how you discovered Lafferty, and where you bought your books from. I live about 20 minutes away from B. Brown and Associates, the Rare Science Fiction bookstore that sold you your first two Lafferty books. So I’m going to check out that book store. Thank you very much for the reply. Keep posting great stuff.

        -Steven McDonald

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