And You Can Now Call Me “Unamused”

So the guy that used to be on my Wheaties box as a child is now a woman, but not a woman. I pity any writers of the absurd. Break your pen, you’re done. The absurd now would have to be that world that was once considered normal.

The thing that struck me about this was ESPN’s jump to award her/him, no, fuck it, it has a dick, HIM, the Arthur Ashe courage award.

What courage?

We are talking about a man, (yes, a man) that hid and repressed this until the day when most of society would gush over his “coming out”. He waited until a post like mine would (if anyone deemed to come to this dark corner of the internet) be a minority opinion, hissed and booed, and called mean. I would be called part of the cause of suicides.

He waited until the day when Imdb and wikipedia would have his pronoun completely changed the day of the announcement and all major media outlets would follow in lockstep.

And if this is courageous, where is Boy George’s fucking reward, Rupaul’s? These guys were dressing as women long before it was so “courageous”.

The man (yes, man) waited until it is almost illegal not to clap and say, “oh, he’s so courageous.” Well, it would be illegal not to provide him flowers for his next wedding.

This is like a Russian athlete coming out against communism now. Big whoop. You were quiet in 1980, now you want a freedom medal?

This man waited long enough that ESPN would say the following without blinking:

They also provided a written statement which said Jenner was chosen “to help move forward a constructive dialogue about progress and acceptance.”

You waited until the day they would set it all up for you. You see, they even admit he didn’t win for courage (because as is obvious, that is not one of his characteristics) but for some other agenda. So Lauren Hill (see below) can just be dead ,who cares? It’s not about courage, that’s just a title for moving forward a social message.

So courage is now another word that means absolutely nothing.

Bruce Jenner (yeah, you’re Bruce, dude) waited long enough that he would climb right over Lauren Hill’s dead body to win the award that she so obviously deserved. Waited until ESPN itself And Bruce’s (yes, you will always be Bruce, dude) response to hearing about the Espy award? The following Twitter comment:

“What the hell am I going to wear?”

It’s all about you, girl!

“She would prefer not to be called ‘Bruce,’ but told the kids that they could still call her ‘Dad,’ at least for now.”

It’s all about you, girl!

What we have here, people, is complete self-absorption, a profound myopic narcissism. I don’t think anything else can be expected of a member that represents one of the nadirs of the modern West.

The honorable thing for his to do would be to decline the honor. Hmm, any takers on a bet here? Do you think he would do that?

And lastly this little tidbit from Bruce (yes, I am going to call you Bruce forever! my parents bought those boxes of Wheaties that paid your endorsements, so it’s Bruce!) himself.

While she has undergone some cosmetic surgery as part of transitioning, she has not undergone gender confirmation surgery, but has not ruled it out either; she said that life as a woman is primarily a matter of mental state and lifestyle.[77] She said she has never been attracted to men and had exclusively been attracted to women before her transition, but currently identifies as asexual.[78][79]

I’ll just pass over the part where it clearly states that she is a DUDE. But look at the statement that life as a woman is primarily a matter of mental state and lifestyle. Well, that’s a modern take, I’ll give him that. Of course we should take the word of a M-A-N about what it means, primarily, to be a woman. Are we sure having a vagina and a womb and being able to bear life is not more primary than say, lifestyle? Is going out a buying a purse primary?

Gotta walk the dogs. Hey maybe if I come back to finish this I’ll be a woman! I won’t have to change my name though. My wife calls me Bobby so I’m set there. Ah, the courage I’ll have!