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Fantasy Football and Dungeons and Dragons


[Above, btw, is Barry Sanders, the best running back ever. Back when I gave a crap about football he was something to watch.]

I was thinking the other day as I was watching a bunch of people prepare their fantasy teams for the upcoming season,


that Fantasy Football is pretty much Dungeons and Dragons for jocks… or ex-jocks… or people that wish they were jocks.

But really what they are is…


Which is not a bad thing. But let’s not imagine that you, merely because you play fantasy football are anything like,


but you are really


Although not even quite. Because after fantasy football people choose their teams it is really a passive game of watching a real game that you are not participating in, while Dungeons and Dragons players are just getting started after creating their characters.

So let’s not fool ourselves into thinking it is anything cool, it is merely Dungeons and Dragons with football players.

Just not as cool.