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Because They Are the Same

I was looking at a post of mine from earlier last month when I clicked on one of the links I provided.

This is in reference to last month’s shutting down of a Milo Yiannopoulos talk at the Berkley (you may remember these violent a-holes, or at least their grandparents, from the 60’s!) due to Leftist violence and arson.

There is a reason the Left defends Islam at every turn (while simultaneously attacking Christianity at every turn), and there is a reason you can’t yank the word terrorism from their mouths even when they are looking at the same pile of bodies you are.

On a fundamental level the Left and Islam (radical Islam if you need the qualifier) share the same worldview and share the same ethics on action. Thought, and thus speech (or speech thus thought, doesn’t matter) is to be controlled by violence and threats of violence.

Ever noticed how touchy the mobs of Muslim protesters are that swarm into city streets, light fire to American flags, flip and smash and set on fire cars – ever notice how all of this can be instigated at the slightest provocation? Ever notice how the Left defends such violence by blaming it on the people that said or drew or wrote or filmed whatever it was that inflamed these people?

And just as touchy is the Leftist, those indoctrinated, ignorant souls of modern education indoctrination. Taught to express themselves from infancy (no substance just express yourself!) grow up to be giant, unwieldy crybabies urged and groomed in violence and rage. A baby too is quite the violent creature when it doesn’t get its way, it is just too small for its tantrums to inflict any harm.

All those violent protests are organized, all such things are organized to some degree.

Who is organizing ours? Who are the Left’s organizers?

The Left, and they have proven this especially since the election, believes in the efficacy of terrorism.