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If you haven’t heard about this yet it is probably because you are watching CNN. Sober people with an honest and logical outlook on reality will know by now that the Left has completely blown their cover and are running around like the minor demons, saboteurs, and haters of Western Civilization that they are. And their major operative arm, Pravda – oops – I mean The Inquisition – oops I mean the MSM is merely the PR unit of the Democrat party. The education unit of the Democrat party, the Indoctrination Centers of Correct-Think – oops I mean Brainwashers INC – oops, I mean the universities and public education establishment have similarly blown their tops.

But to have one of their own admit it in complete honesty. I mean, how many favors from heaven can Donald Trump possibly deserve? And does he actually have the power to make minor devils dance and expose themselves to the light of day? You’d think the man a saint in ass’s clothing!

This link right here is the best because it holds an exchange between Donald Trump and CNN PR (public relations).

Trump: Fake News CNN is looking at big management changes now that they got caught falsely pushing their phony Russian stories. Ratings way down!

CNN: CNN just posted it’s most-watched second quarter in history. Those are the facts.

Man, that just about says it all.


Addendum to “Oh Ye Gentle, Benevolent Liberals”

This is the Left

Or, if you need your news from a more “brand name” here

Same exact thing happened to the same speaker on inauguration day, in grand ol “I’m fucking leaving this area as soon as possible” Seattle.

The violent, anti-free speech, racist, ontophobic (that would translate roughly to fear of reality) socialist Left is what we should fear. We should fear our own inaction because, like all wailing babies, a firm “NO!” will shut them up.

The only thing to fear about Trump is his protectionist economic ideas are bad ideas. But a large portion of our population, I fear, is no longer even capable of rational thought. As the protests over the last week prove quite conclusively.


Oh, Ye Gentle, Benevolent Liberals

[Holy moly, I didn’t realize how seldom I post things political. I didn’t even have a politics category to choose from. I hate politics as a discussion. I’ve never seen a single mind changed – ever. Funny that. I changed 99% of my entire fundamental philosophy from Objectivism to near 100% Catholicism in 3 years – yet a lefty is a lefty and a righty is a righty.]

As some may have guessed, I am far from a liberal, a progressive or a leftist, and as far also removed from what is called a Democrat. I prefer the tag “reality-bound.” Meaning I am in it, and you ain’t.

Anyway I posted this over at Mr. Wright’s site as a comment and thought it would be a great means to chase away most of my remaining readers.

Ha ha ha.

It’s a ways done in a quote box after some more comments.

It is about the double standard that exists for the left (or, as Thomas Sowell calls them, the self-annointed ones) versus for the right. This was just a comment I left and not an exhaustive essay. There are countless variations that play out everyday and I chose the ones that stand out most poignantly in my mind.

Probably the most significant one is the difference in reaction (vulgar and abusive language coming – you were warned) between the most powerful man in the world at the time (Bill Clinton) jamming a cigar into a young, impressionable woman’s pussy – and a presidential candidate caught making “guy talk” a decade prior about “grabbing pussy.”

There was no liberal outcry over Clinton’s abuse of a young woman (nor the Clinton’s subsequent attempts, mostly successful, to drag her down and destroy her) in the OVAL OFFICE by the left at all. In fact, they spent their time, not only defending Clinton, but in going after the Republicans for making a “big deal” of it. As if it were nothing.

One wonders if the leader of the free world hadn’t had his mind on so much twat instead of global threats like, say, terrorism, whether we’d be in a better position now. He could have done something. Democrats can always do anything.

Anyway, if it shines light on the scene for you, you are welcome and God bless. If not – FUCK OFF! HA! Psych! Just kidding. Obviously if it does not for you, I really won’t know why, so God bless.

The Democrats have always got away with whatever they pleased. They entered us into 4 of the 5 major wars in the 20th century (two of them disastrous for us) and yet people think Republican = war monger/military-industrial-complex baloney. To be a liberal, a progressive, a Democrat is to be for peace.

Democrat abuses young woman in Oval Office – no reaction – Republicans poo-pooed for making “a stink” about it. Republican presidential candidate heard on tape in 2005 talking “guy talk” about women crassly (a conversation everyone knows old Billy could have participated in and beat them all at). BIG FUSS.

Obama’s six month moratorium on Iraqi refugees (it has been officially renamed “a slow down” along with a number of other re-characterizations that are not differences in kind from Trump’s order) is not even noticed. I had never heard of it. Why would anyone report it? If they did, it was a real small story. Why? Because it was a move by the benevolent leader, his motives were pure. Trump’s motives are automatically, no matter context, or facts or anything are from hate – that is the starting axiom.

If anyone is unfamiliar with this case and the scary circumstance that caused it, read this:

Obama, being a lefty would never have to answer for something like this from the article.

One Iraqi who had aided American troops was assassinated before his refugee application could be processed, because of the immigration delays, two U.S. officials said.

One wonders what senator Cory Booker had to say about that since he says of Trump’s order supposedly denying entry to people who have helped the US armed forces “… a crime and a sin.”

We all know the answer – nothing. He said nothing at all.

As to the two terrorists that were found in Kentucky through our vetting process:

Last year, a Department of Homeland Security senior intelligence official testified in a House hearing that Alwan and Hammadi’s names and fingerprints were checked by the FBI, DHS and the Defense Department during the vetting process in 2009 and “came in clean.”

One wonders. What improvements could they or have they made to the vetting process since that time?

The list of lies and double standards is mind boggling.

And, if no one noticed the latest in double standards. Did anyone note how swiftly, instantaneously, the label of “terrorist attack” was applied to the lone gunman shooting of the Quebec mosque? All leaders, all news outlets “terrorism!” You can’t strangle that word out of people’s mouths when it is non-Muslims killed. 49 killed in Orlando nightclub. “Officials are still investigating whether or not….” San Bernardino, “Police are looking into a motive and possible…” Fort Hood, “Officials won’t say…” And then you wait a couple days and people have forgotten and you go about your way.

Even when we get their names (you can win money betting on the name Muhammad!) letters, communications with terror organizations it is like pulling teeth to get them to say the word. Muslims, traced directly to ISIS training, screaming “Abu Akkbar!” and gunning down everyone at St. Patrick’s Cathedral would warrant five weeks of “Officials are still unclear about a motive…”

Ug, the f of it all.