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Sing that as falsetto or Norse metal growl it still sounds great! I HAVE FOUND THE ELLIPTICAL GRAVE ARRRR!!! ONTO THE VILLIAGE, MATES FOR TONIGHT WE FEED ON HUMAAAAAAANNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously though. For about four years I have been on the hunt for R.A. Lafferty’s The Elliptical Grave. I searched for a hard copy with absolutely no luck. The closest I got was some sort of online documentation that a private copy with handwritten page numbering had sold on eBay in 2009.

There were a couple of links in earlier searches that claimed to have The Elliptical Grave but took you to dubious websites written in the Cyrillic alphabet. Probably Russian, and no one not internet-stupid clicks a button on a Russian site – or does anything but high tail it out of there. Erase history, wipe all caches, and pray to St. James they have a dime left to their name come morning!

But I went a little further today and landed on a site that turned out not to be a link to the cesspool of the internet but just a plain old long online text of the book. Man, I copy and pasted that sucker into Scrivener, hit the Compile as ePub button and flopped that baby like a eel onto my iBooks on my iPad.

Kudos to iBooks for letting me just put a file like that right into the program to read. Kudos to Scrivener for being the awesome product it has always been, but manages to surprise me anew every time. It made a great formatted book in about ten seconds with little effort. All I did was hit command c on the website, opened new project in Scrivener, opened a single chapter file, commanded V that whole book into the single chapter and ran it off in compile. Less than a minute for the whole operation.

Later I think I’ll work with it in Scrivener and make it into a more presentable eBook, maybe even give it a cover (for myself, I’m not the bootlegging type) and break it up into chapters. Although that last would require me to read it first.

And, lastly, a little thumbs down to Kindle for not being able to do anything with it that wasn’t from Amazon.


Scrivener for iOs


That is not a picture of my set-up. I, ready to jump into the whole mobile writing thing, to be a jet-setting, on the go pep in the step writer, got an iPad in the summer of 2014. That was in anticipation of the Scrivener ios release. Now, almost two years to the day, I have neither the time nor the money for it. School sucks 7 to 8 hours out of all seven days at the moment and that is not even enough.

I thought medical coding was something relatively easy! Program can be finished in as little as four months! LIES! LIES!

Anyway, if you’re an iPad mobile scrivener, I can certainly attest to its parent program for the Mac. It is, the Mac version, the best writing app out there bar none. It does do a lot more than I would ever need.

In fact I think it does too much more than I need nowadays. My whole philosophy to writing changed radically a little before I made the dumbest move in my life and pursued medical coding. I was reading a Lafferty essay (interview? I can’t remember and it was less than a week ago) where he was describing his writing process. Basically you start an idea until you hit a wall, shelve it, start something else, then dig the first thing out again later. That was pretty much how I was thinking about it before I made the most stupid… ah, hell, I’ve been belching that bitch of a yarn out a year or more now.

I think when I do finish school and get into the field and just simply work like everyone else, I am going to move away from the whole Scrivener thing anyway. I’m not investing in $1500 machines anymore. For what? Most everyone puts stuff in clouds now. I’m just going to buy a Chromebook, keep my stuff (very well organized) on Google Drive (and a memory stick – gotta cover your ass) as well as the paper copies I like to keep because I love buying printer cartridges and paper.

Alright, I actually do love buying paper.

But if you are one of those (and I was too) that likes to keep all their notes in the same place with their audio files and the links and annotations and etc, etc – well, then, Scrivener is for you.

Here is the thing though. I did find, and I did enjoy, that I spent almost as much time tinkering with the software and my writing planning as I did writing. Probably more so since I was such a fusser over plot points and theme points. You know, I think you can get a lot more done (and learn so much quicker) just throwing all preparation into the wind and diving into that plasma pool and letting it take you over. Forget the damned condoms, boys! You’re already married, dive into the river!

You know I am completely sober for every single one of these posts…

Anyway I highly recommend Scrivener and I am sure they took very good care to release a good ios product as well.

Scrivener for iOS in 2015? The Answer

Nope, apparently not. I bought my iPad back in July of 2014 anticipating the immanent release of Scrivener for iOS. According the owner of Scrivener, the whole project is a pretty much a sprawling mess because of the uniqueness of Scriv’s file format and synching with DropBox.

For those that care:

Short of a miracle – which I still hope for – the iOS version is unlikely to out this year now, let alone in time for NaNoWriMo. All we can do at this point is bury our heads in shame and apologise for how long it has taken and is still taken. It’s not for want of trying or of resources – we’ve ploughed a small fortune into it. Ask any developer who has worked on it, and they will tell you just how complex it is, but even so, it is waaaaay late now. So: sorry. But we are still working on it, and we are very thankful to our users for their continued enthusiasm for the project in spite of the many delays.

I thought I’d be pissed at this by now, but since I am in school, I don’t have time for it anyway. And I’ve been thinking larger instead of smaller recently. Who wants to write on such a small thing? The iPad is not much smaller to carry around than the MacBook Air.

Scrivener for iOS in 2015?

They first started talking about an iOS release for late 2011. I bought my iPad (and keyboard mount) in anticipation of its release in mid-2014. The iPad still has its uses for me, but as a writing tool, it still waits. And it still waits because I don’t like writing stuff in a bunch of different programs, in different parts of the hard disk, format issues between different programs, etc, etc, etc.

Then again, I still don’t like writing on a computer (yes, I still whine about it!) but I don’t see us going back to the typewriter so…

Still the best writing package out there (for Mac, I haven’t touched a PC since ’05). But let’s get it out there! I want that mobility!