Scrivener3 First Looks

I just bought Scrivener3 from Literature & Latte.

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 3.02.37 PM

[Yes, I realize there is a villain already called Dark Surfer. It is just a place holder for me as I am making this up now 100% as I am typing it.]

I have only bought it, installed it, and converted my current project from Scriv2 to Scriv3 and then took it for a quick spin on basic features.

Not a single problem. Well, the Composition Mode default colors were changed to a light ink on dark paper format which I do not like. But that was a 15 second problem in Preferences – so, not a problem. Dropbox synching was flawless, as was the conversion of my current thirty thousand word project. The conversion was quite impressive for its speed, it wasn’t even five seconds.

Not only did they launch Scriv 3 today, but they also launched it on their new site at the same time. Of course that was in England, so by the time I got to it, they were all probably back in bed.

Now I haven’t gone into the tricky stuff like the compile or versions. But as far as digging in and writing and organizing your project, Lit & Latte are continuing their tradition of putting out the very best writing software there is with Scrivener3

In fact I trust their software so much I immediately trusted it with my 30K word manuscript on the new version’s first day of release.

It is that good.

Now excuse me I have some writing to do!