What? Where Have I Been?

I am having a hard time connecting my life to this blog. I go weeks forgetting about it altogether. I think it is a general disconnect from moving shock. After all, outside of family and friends, there was no continuity with my other moves (Arizona to Wisconsin, Wisconsin to Washington). This, my blog, would be a continuity.

I am still adjusting to living in North Carolina. It is a bigger cultural change than I have done before.

Although Asheville, NC is really just a small version of Portland Oregon. They have the drum circles, the unbathed hippies, the homeless, the skanky vegan chicks, the hoity-toity eating and reading establishments. And it is so “woke” in its bullshit progressiveness. Indeed I think this place may be more wretched than the posh districts of the Seattle area and Portland. After all, it was not until I moved here that I encountered bumper-stickeres that read “Vaginatarian” That would be someone that EATS PUSSY. The cars are not owned by men.

It is actually just the downtown area that reeks so. I live in the south end of Asheville. More normal. There are a few things I like about the area. The thing I like most is the Basilica of Saint Lawrence Deacon and Martyr.

Current reads are Bishop Barron’s: To Light a Fire on the Earth. Thomas Ligotti’s: Songs of a Dead Dreamer and Grimscribe. G.K. Chesterton’s: Father Brown Crime Stories: 24 Short Mysteries.

And, lastly, Chris Fox’s Six Figure Author. This last one is interesting and worrisome. It is sort of exciting that one could actually write and steer their own career. but if one reads it closely, one gets the feeling you hit this level of sales by being mediocre. The starving artist inside me rages against the indignity of being a barometer for what other people want. It doesn’t seem to be a formula for success.

That depends, though, on how we define success. If it is measured merely by the means of money, then being the middle of any ground will get you there. And then it will get you out of there as the crowd moves on. And what are you stuck with then? Not a work of soul. Then again, the popular entertainment hasn’t moved in over a decade so maybe the same old shit sells as good today as it did a generation ago. Things appear to be in a hold and repeat pattern. Just look at all the remakes or reboots.


Post Christmas Rant: Weaving Two Tales of an Objectivist Christmas

[This post originally appeared in December of 2013. Time passes and I hadn’t realized how long it had been since I threw Rand overboard. This isn’t a very well written post, but I found I burned out on beating up on Peikoff’s “essay” every year. Although I may beat up on Edward Cline’s (see link below). I hadn’t realized then that the link was to a truncated version of his “essay.” The full “essay” is a tour de stupid of Objectivist thinking.]


First, a belated Merry Christmas to my few readers!

Today, this first day after Christmas, we are going to be visiting two articles by two Popular Objectivists (one is a semi-successful Randian author (and reads like it) the other is the Grand Pooh-Bah of the orthodox Objectivist movement (the orthodox Objectivist movement is the group of Objectivists that dare not contradict the Grand Pooh-Bah)).

The Randian author is Edward Cline and his article is The Ten Commandments Rationally Examined. The Grand Pooh-Bah is Leonard Peikoff and his article “Christmas Should be More Commercial.” I hated this article when I was one of his drones. And that this thing hits the internet every year, one has to wonder a single thing about the article’s title, “how?”

“How could it possibly get more commercial?”

Dr. Peikoff has some ideas about that Continue reading “Post Christmas Rant: Weaving Two Tales of an Objectivist Christmas”

NaNo Days 21 & 22

Catching up with my slower week today and yesterday.Posted 2639 yesterday and 1703 today. I have a grand total of 36319 words with an average needed of 1521 per day here on out to finish on time.

Scrivener says my project right now stands at 94 paperback pages taking two and half hours of reading time.

I can’t wait to cross the finish line. Not only for the accomplishment. But also because now that I am this far in it I am certain how I want to write it – and in ain’t this way!

Day 15

Only 966 words today. Something came up that interrupted me. Important enough to stop me. Not an email I ahd to answer or some bullcrap like that. I caught a glimpse of the leaderboard for the challenge so far. Some guy in the lead has 96,000 words! 96,000!

I shouldn’t be envious at that though having no idea if it is masterful or illiterate gibberish.

NaNo Day Five

Now that was a tough one. Sunday sucks for me as I am usually wiped out from the Friday and Saturday bartending shifts.

But I did it. I wrote 2286 (I think that was the exact number I didn’t write it down but it was something like that). I now stand at 9420 words.

I don’t think Scrivener calculates page numbers correctly. On its statistics function it says I have 10 pages worth of paperback. But if you go my the standard formula of 300 to 350 words per page, I should have 26 or 31 pages give or take. Although it doesn’t seem like I wrote that much either. But if Scrivener’s count were true, each page would 942 words which is way more than any estimate I have ever read about.


That said. I haven’t gone back and read a single thing I wrote. I have no idea if I am making something readable or a steaming pile of crap (I know we can safely take greatness out of the list of possibilities!). As far as this assignment goes, I only have to write 50,000 words by the end of the month. I don’t even care what the result looks like as long as I have the numbers. I can worry about quality after I achieve this goal.

Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner died the other day. Sorry to say I cannot “celebrate” the life of this man. Not to speak ill of the dead but his legacy is not one to cause me to celebrate. As a married man (for almost 25 years) dedicated to his wife, what he stood for was anathema. The so-called sexual revolution was a travesty, not a triumph.

On reading some of the commentary from the news I garnered two things. The worst time in history was the 1950’s. And women didn’t dress sexy before Hugh came along. Apparently there are two realities. The actual one and the narrative to keep people from seeing that we haven’t gone up, but have sunk low.

But two things stuck out for me in reading about him. He claimed at one time to have bedded over a thousand women (gross) and this quote:

I never really found my soulmate.

Those two claims tell a very sad story. I wonder if he ever related the two together. The first made the second an impossibility. How do you expect to find a soulmate when the depth of your relations is porking as many women as you could? How do you expect to find a soulmate when you view women as an object for the gratification of your lusts?

We see this sad scenario played out all around us if we look honestly.

Another piece was his decision a few years ago to stop showing nudes in his magazine (since reversed I read). his reasoning was since people now had access to every imaginable (and unimaginable) “sex” act at their fingertips now, showing nudes was simply passé’. Well, he started that ball rolling. The concept of Original Sin (and you do not have to be religious to believe in the basic truth of the concept) would have told you this was the end game which he helped bring about.

Read any testimonial from a former porn addict and they will tell you once you start down that road, unchecked, you will require more and more and harder and harder, the more outlandish. Start with nudes, then a spread beaver shot, then some R-rated simulation, the full, gynecological penetration, then some threesome material, then double penetration, triple, then you can’t get off as a lady is getting ravaged by a gang of twenty men in rape simulation.

Or as Randy said on South Park in their Grape of Wrath parody when the internet ran out and they had to go to California way:

Once you jack off to Japanese girls puking in each other’s mouths you can’t exactly go back to Playboy!

Because Your Colleges are Rotted Through, Brother

Spenser Rapone should not only be immediately kicked out of West Point and investigated, but should be barred from military service. I would also look into legal action.

You see, communism is NOT dead. It is alive and very, very well in our colleges and universities. Feminism, gender identity, micro-agression “theory” these are all forms of Marxism. And then you have the plain old Marxism itself which is coming out from under cover. You have the Marxist history book written Howard Zinn, that, I have read, is the history book in college.

The revolution never ended in the universities. This is where our sickness comes from.

This is where the journalists are trained that work night and day – not to provide you with facts so you can make informed decisions, but to warp whatever the actual news was to fit you into their ends. I took a journalism class once, they start in on this strategy on day one. They view themselves as instruments to shape minds for social agendas (they call it social justice – even poop is simply shit).

This is where whacked out man-hating beasts called radical feminists get their theories and teach their theories – feminists are merely Marxists with Men as the capitalists and women as the oppressed working poor. Just like anyone not white is oppressed by the white man, white man is the capitalist everyone else is the oppressed workers (except for Asians).

Even the mechanics, the multi-logics, theory is in place virtually unchanged from the standard Marxist line – which the repeated use of a single logical fallacy ad hominem. “Mansplaining” is a purely Marxist term. Micro-agreesion is a Marxist term. A straight white male contesting any of his supposed oppressions or aggressions is simply blinded by his innate cis-white male social structure. Simply by existing he commits aggression and oppression.

The only thing that is accepted is for the cis-white male to cut off his junk and grovel before all Marxist demands, kissing every single butthole that puckers before his face. If you need instruction on how to perform this action visit the blog of science fiction author John Scalzi. Although he went to college so he may simply be doing it from indoctrination.

On the question of multi-logics. If it is asked one person has to think and argue from his social structure and another theirs, what makes one of them right and the other wrong?

Dear Brother, you have to ask that question? When the so-called proletariate reach power there is only one answer and it is the same answer they gave when they started from day one. The fist, the bomb, the club, the firing squad, slave camps (eh hem, sorry “work” camps) gulags, starvation, torture.

When reason is shoved off the field altogether this is the only result. Communism’s essential epistemological principle IS the removal of reason from the public square – to be replaced by terror.

So when you see a West Point cadet show open support for communism, you should feel a blood-chilling horripilation go down your spine and over your skin.

Maybe it is an isolated incident. I would bet not, the evidence, looking across all that is going on right now, points to this possibly already being widespread if not systemic.

Your question, brother, should be.


Clear and Present Danger

A political post – but short.

There is one overriding fact that has been illuminated like a beacon over the whole world since the election of Donald Trump. America is in a very unhealthy state and has been eaten (mostly) from the inside out by a malignancy.

This has been pretty obvious for a while if you ask me, but there is no denying it now.

That sickness is the American Left.