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This will interest no one! I assume. Sony tomorrow is rereleasing the first three Crash Bandicoot games. Now, you may ask, why is a man approaching fifty so excited about a children’s game? Because my wife and I love to play these sorts of games together. They are actually complex for adults at times fitting with that strange area where kids can easily figure out certain things that adults get hung up on. One of those things is these types of video games.

That and there is a sort of escapism in it where you can just unplug from any sort of troubles that plague day to day existence – especially the death throes of a million screaming Snowflakes.

It comes out tomorrow morning. I would expect productivity in all other areas of my life to take a temporary dip. Hell, I even gave away a work shift to have more time for this!

I’ll see you in hell Dr. Cortex!