A Couple New Acquisitions / And an Unusual Rant!


[Heh, I slipped into a rant against mega-churches and prosperity gospel, but I quite enjoyed myself and am leaving it!]

I have had the digital copy for this for a couple of months and I have read the first couple of chapters. The problem was I find it really hard to study in the digital format. Nothing beats being able to shuffle quickly between pages. I also have his more advanced Theology and Sanity. I read a couple of chapters of that last year but felt I needed a primer first. I was really impressed with the scope of his thought, the logical clarity of it.

It was not what passes for “theology” nowadays


You can get Tony Robbins


for that and skip the God stuff if you are going to do something about getting that good life NOW that you know you deserve because… you know… you’re you… and you’re special because… you’re you…cuz’… ah hell, maybe your mother told you you were special, but maybe Dr. Spock Continue reading “A Couple New Acquisitions / And an Unusual Rant!”



Note THIS article is something that really interests me. It kind of relates to my incomplete review of Godzilla if only remotely. I never took the resurrection of the body (as told by Christ) to be literally the actual body that one once possessed. I took it metaphorically, or, a new body, as it says.

I always assumed the resurrection of the body that they spoke of was a heavenly body, not this crude matter. I still think that is what was meant, for why raise such a body again? If it is to be the same body – literally – would it not be prone to the same failings as the original/same?

I’ll have to read the article in a more metaphysical mood. I have found over the last two years that these ideas make more sense on a certain “mental level” , or approach.

I am always leery of such trappings as attempting to bring the great mysteries into the wink of current stretchings on man’s scientific grasp. I wary of such things because I think, if we ever get to have a look under the hood of this thing called being, or existence, or Ehyeh ’ăsher ’ehyeh, no science will cover it, no human concepts will encompass it nor penetrate it. Agape, as Aristotle’s celestial bodies upon the unmoved mover will be the proper order.

I view such attempts as I do understanding heaven to be a place of harps, clouds and angels with wings. It is cute and quaint, but it is a human construct, image making – it is a tool, a map even – with the understanding that the tool is not the object and the map is not the road.

One would think that if Christ himself did not put the wonders of heaven into literal terms, how or why could we? Likewise, why assume that the resurrection of the body is literal? After all, it is a far different thing for Lazarus to arise than it is for Socrates. Or one dead for thousands or millions of years.

And, one has to wonder, why, if God made man with an immortal soul, would he have to bother with such a thing as raising an old body of scattered atoms?

R.A. Lafferty Tomorrow!! And New John C. Wright!! And More Randian Disappointment


Just a reminder that the first of 12 R.A. Lafferty volumes is released tomorrow! Buy! Buy! Buy! So all 12 volumes will be published and I can get them all.

Here is the table of contents for this first edition.


  • Introduction by Michael Swanwick
  • The Man Who Made Models
  • The Six Fingers of Time
  • The Hole on the Corner
  • Square and Above Board
  • Jack Bang’s Eyes
  • All But the Words
  • The Ungodly Mice of Doctor Drakos
  • Frog on the Mountain
  • Narrow Valley
  • Condilac’s Statue or Wrens in His Head
  • About a Secret Crocodile
  • Days of Grass, Days of Straw
  • The Ninety-Ninth Cubicle
  • Thus We Frustrate Charlemagne
  • Parthen
  • The Skinny People of Leptophlebo Sttreet
  • Rivers of Damascus
  • Afterword by John Pelan (the publisher)

If you want to experience outside the normal bounds of whatever it is you have read in your life indulge in some Lafferty. If not for your own sake, then do it for mine!


Also tomorrow is the third installment of John C. Wright’s Count to a Trillion series. So far I have loved the series. The only caveat is his tales are dense and I read some 50 – 60 books a year. I have to find some synopsis to remember exactly where the last book left off…


I am afraid I am going to end up being one of those ex-Objectivists that end up Continue reading “R.A. Lafferty Tomorrow!! And New John C. Wright!! And More Randian Disappointment”

Catechism Postscript

I failed to mention that the lessons in the course I am taking begin with prayers (after a peek at the daily Saint, feast, fast, et. all). I don’t participate in them or use them. Obviously merely because I was pushed out of my atheism by the absurdity of its necessary materialistic ends does not a Christian I make.  And even if I believe in the necessity of some spiritual underpinning of reality, it is a long way from that to God dying on the cross at Calvary.

The trouble is the prayers are in Latin! Granted, one can get, sometimes, a general indication of the meaning since Latin is infused into our language at a “genetic” level. But only a very generic indication, the Hail, Holy Queen however is complete gibberish to me. One can look up the English version quite easily online. But one has to wonder why it is only in Latin in the first place. Just how many people know that language? Although I think it should still be taught as it’s great etymological training.

I wish I had followed through on learning it when I tried a few years ago.



In my ongoing religious studies, mainly of Catholicism, I decided to do something interesting. I signed up for an online class at a place called CatechismClass.com. It is, so they advertise, basically what you would get from an RCIA instruction. There is only so much you can get from a study Bible, this certainly does a large amount of filling in blanks. It was pretty cheap too, $57! The lessons offered follows: