Epistemic Lows and Hysteria

I got in a discussion the other week about the Kavanaugh nomination. I say discussion, but it was on Facebook, a symptom – and cause – of the breakdown of discourse (Twitter is its dead end). One person unfriended me after a few bursts of emotional vitriol about Trump. It was the usual list: racist, sexist, homophobic, blah, blah, blah. The usual Leftist list that they repeat without care for truth because truth is not the aim of the list, but its results. This person, upon stating his departure (because you can’t just leave, you also have to virtue signal to the enemy and others that may be watching that they are a non-person) said that while we have an author in common interest we literally have nothing else in common.

Get the logic of the Leftist mind here. There is this one author and then our differing take on one subject. That is the entirety of the possibilities. This is actually true for the Leftist. One author and politics. If we do not agree on politics that just leaves the author (which is the entire basis of our having been FB friends in the first place) then you are out. Actually it is just politics. I am pretty sure fans of Lafferty see him (or try to see him) as some sort of liberal, modern, hippie type. This would be against all evidence, but we do not go by evidence, of course.

Another poster kept dodging knowledge or the reality of Leftist violence and the direct threat to freedom they represent (especially highlighted in the Kavanaugh nomination). And, therefore, my posting about them was “paranoia.” This despite mountains of evidence that a simpleton porn surfer could unveil with his free left hand.

First, here is the video.

To characterize this as mocking is already to deviate from reality. This is her testimony in essentials. To repeat someone is not synonymous with mocking. This was her claim and the lack of detail. Before I go further it is time to introduce a term, a phrase, that helps explain some of this behavior.

I did not come up with it. It is called Trump Derangement Syndrome – TDS. I do not know what the underlying causes are, but it seems to be a real problem. I suspect that it itself is merely a symptom of a wider problem of a philosophical nature. Let’s call it the symptoms of the Age of Anti-Reason. Many factors make this up, contribute, and reinforce it. We cannot leave out such things as media engineering.

Media engineering? You say. Why, Bob, what is that? Why, friend, that is what drives the mobs across the country, it is what whips up the fury. It is the great agitator. One of its great works was accomplished just a few months ago in the case of immigration. On the internet (Facebook, I think) was shown a picture of two Latino boys in a cage, a small cell. So sure was the idiot who rushed it out onto the nets that it was proof of Darth Trump’s evil deeds they didn’t bother to do any research. Turns out the photo was from the Obama era.

Fear not fellow Lefties, the fix is in! The media rage machine, which includes Hollywood celebs and the Democratic machine, went into high gear screaming that Trump cease and desist his evil deeds. The volume and supposed outcry against the supposed injustice was so loud that no one remembers or cares that the Trump administration was merely doing exactly what the Obama administration carried out without a whisper of opposition.

Why not? Where was the outrage during the Obama years?

I’ll tell you exactly where it was. NON-EXISTENT. Nobody gives a flying scissor fuck about a bunch of loser latinos if it is a democrat doing the deed. That’s it, case closed. They do not give a shit. So little do the leftists give a shit that one of their heroes, the rapist Bill Clinton, had his attorney general stick an assault rifle in a crying boy’s face so he could be put on a boat back to communist slave pen Cuba.

Now, this shouldn’t offend any Leftist. If Ford is a sexual assault victim, then Kavanaugh is a sex offender – and, even easier, therefore, Clinton a rapist. Just say it #MeToo. Say it, Alyssa Milano – or do you still have “so much love for Billy boy?”

Such shit, these people.

You know what else they, the leftists, the democrats, don’t give a shit about? Women. Namely, victims of sexual abuse and assault. They prove this time and time again. Here are a few nice, juicy facts. Weinstein, they knew for years what he did, they didn’t care. They less than cared, they were all buddies with a known victimizer. Bill Clinton. Christine Blasey Ford should be believed merely because the words came out of her mouth and based on absolutely nothing else whatsoever.

Juanita Broaddrick? Crickets fill the silence of the room. Who? And this woman has a heaping more than the amnesia ridden tales of Ford. And we wouldn’t have to stop at Broaddrick, there are the numerous other woman that he has had grimed over the years. Including his most famous victim, Monica Lewinski. Now if you don’t view her as a victim, then we view the world too differently perhaps to understand. Of course, the left would say – she suduced him! But get this. A twenty-two year old woman (you could still say girl) and the single most powerful man in the world (and since we haven’t met our alien overlords as yet, you could say OF THE UNIVERSE!) old enough to be her father.

That is such a disproportionate balance of responsibility of power.

No, the Left do not care about women, nor victims of sexual assault.

They care about women the same as they do about anything else. As a means to power.

Now that leads us to the case at hand. This video of Trump “mocking” this supposed victim. Here is what I find offensive here. What I find offensive is people so sick with TDS that they have to go after their same, tired target while their masters get away with yet more dirty deeds.

Why is this woman, Ford, there in the first place? Who put this woman out there to be mocked in the first place? Who put this woman out there whose story has no collaboration and for which she can remember not a single detail? Who? And why? No DA would touch a witness like this in a million years. No judge would permit it. Yet they put her up there. She was expendable to the cause.

Truth did not matter. What mattered was the effect of the testimony, no matter its merit or even its truth value. They were betting on the new power play of the #MeToo movement and that woman should just be believed merely by making the claim.

On this basis we should believe all manner of testimony.

Damn, interrupted by the wife again! I shall return!


Jason is Your Friend!

Imagine a large living room full of screaming teenagers and Jason Voorhees is there butchering them with his machete. Every time he descends upon a victim, a progressive holds the poor victim still, proclaiming, “Jason is not your enemy! He’s a man of peace!” And when the freshly slain victim smacks against the floor the progressive points her finger at a cringing group of people against the back wall. They consist of a nun, a priest, the milkman, and a nondescript straight white male in his 30’s who goes to church. “They are your enemy!” shrieks the progressive. And every time one of the hapless victims says, “I’m pretty sure Jason is our enemy!” He is booed and cowed into submission which is all that is necessary for the modern to be blinded and join the zombie line.